Admissions Policy

A young person may be offered a place as a youth member of the 1st Westbury (Cyrils Own) Scout Group subject to the rules and policies of The Scout Association and this local admissions policy.

Registering a child’s interest in joining the Scout Group does not guarantee them a place.

The Scout Group admits youth members subject to a number of constraints, including:

  • Them being the appropriate age.
  • Maximum section size rules
  • The availability of resources to deliver a safe and high-quality programme (e.g., adult volunteers, meeting space, supervision ratios).

We record interest for places and, once the child has reached the required age, we prioritise the allocation of places based on:

  1. Succession within the Scout Group (e.g., an existing Cub moving to Scouts)
  2. Whether the child’s home address is in Westbury civil parish or postal locality
  3. The child’s age and the length of time they have been on the waiting to join list.
  4. Whether the child is a sibling of current or past members
  5. The willingness of parents/carers to take on a formal volunteer role in Scouting and contribute in a meaningful way

Offers of a place are only valid for 14 days.

The decision to admit anyone to membership of the Scout Group rests with the Group Scout Leader, in accordance with The Scout Association’s policies. There is no formal right of appeal, but we welcome dialogue with parents.