This section describes the 1st Westbury Scout Group approach to safety, assessment of risk and where necessary what mitigation action is in place.

As scouters and supporters of scouting, 1st Westbury is in a priviledged position of being responsible for the care and well being of young people, other peoples children.  We must ensure that the activities we provide are challenging, provide a sense of adventure but ultimately safe.

In the many activities we can offer, we provide challenges that seek to encourage the development of young people. These are often ones they do not face every day and they can experience a great sense of achievement in completing them. Some degree of risk is unavoidable if the sense of adventure and excitement is to be achieved, but it is - and should be - much less than the participant perceives. We seek to provide:


We will take basic steps in our risk assessments, these are:

1. Look for the hazards 2. Decide who might be harmed, and how 3. Evaluate the risks 4. Record your findings 5. Review and revise

Our approach to safety in any given situation will be based on 3 guiding principles:

1. Capacity - Do we have the capacity to uder take this activity - i.e. Is this the right place to under take this activity?

2. Capability - Are we using the right equipment, aprropriately?

3. Competence - can we demonstrate that we have the right skills to complete this task?

Risk Assessments:

Buildings and Grounds

Running Around Games



Nights Away

Gas Bottles